Mela Purdie

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Designed and made in Australia, Mela Purdie creates lightweight, wardrobe essentials for the discerning woman on the go. Luxe and refined, the designs are made from premium, easy-care fabric that folds to next-to-nothing in a suitcase, perfect for travel!

A blend of form and function, Mela Purdie designs are intended to simplify your wardrobe and provide a foundation of wearable basics that build on and complement your individual style. 

Mela Purdie collections will initially be offered as pre-order, prior to delivery, due to no additional stock being available and the popularity of the brand. Pre-order orders will be dispatched as soon as they arrive in store. If the item is for pre-order, there will be a note on the product description. Get in quick, so don't miss out on these fabulous Mela Purdie garments!